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21/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. Strength3 sets of:Barbell Hip Thrusts x 8 reps @ 2112immediately followed by…Barbell Hip Thrust Iso-Hold x 15-30 seconds(hold the top position, creating maximal contraction of your glutes and hamstrings for as long as you can hold)Rest 2 minutes B.For time:50/40 Calories of Rowing/Ski/Echo40 Deadlifts (100/70)50/40 Calories of Rowing/Ski/Echo

18/11/2022 Bodyweight & Beginner

A. Skill Push & Pull 3 sets of Iso hold on pullup to slow decent 2-3 reps to 8/8 Bulgarian B. CondiAMRAP 12minteams of 2: A performs:10 Pull-Ups15 Box Jumps (24″/20″)20 Air Squats while B: 5 Line Sprintrest until A is ready with 1 round C. Finish with some Nordic Partner Curls

18/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. WarmupB. Condi (50min)5 Rounds for Time100 Box Step-Ups with a DB (35pds20 meter Bear Crawl Dumbbell Push every 5 min10 Ringrows

17/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. Warm-Up:5:00min SB Front Rack Carry @0.33/0.25BW B. 2 Sets of:B1. 10 Incline SB Bench PressesB2. HOH Rope Pull C. 2 Sets of:C1. 10 SB Bench PressesC2. HOH Rope Pull D. 2 Sets of:D1. 10 Decline SB Bench PressesD2. HOH Rope Pull E. 3 Sets of:E1. 10 Hanging Leg Raises @2121E2. 10 DB Biceps CurlsE3. […]

16/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. Warm-Up/3 Sets of:30m DB/KB Suitecase Carry15m DB/KB Suitecase Walking LungesNote: 3 Sets for each arm. 1st set go light, second moderate and third heavy. B. EMOM 14(3 Sets):6 Sumo Deadlifts off blocks AHAP1:00min SB Bear Hug Hold AHAPRest C. For time:500m Row50 Burpees

15/11/2022 Endurance

50’ amrap 3small rds run40m sled push3small rds run40m sled pull3small rds run40 wbs3small rds run400m row3small rds run400m ski3small rds run40m farmers carry3small rds run40m walking lunges3small rds run40hr push ups

15/11/2022 Gymnastics

15’ warm up 10 hollow rocks10 superman extension20m walking lunges20m toy soldier2/2 greatest stretch1’ wrist warm up strength and skill 25’ 2 wall climbs +20” hold1’ wallsit1’ kip swing practice wod 15’ amrap 3 wall climbs6/6 pistols10 t2b2x stairs

15/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. Strength A1: Weightlifting (for 15 min)build up to a heavy complex1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Hang Clean + 1 Frontsquat + 1 Power Jerk A2: 3 sets of Strict Press (15min)3 sets 3 repsWendler Cycle: 1st Set 3×70%, 2nd Set 3×80%, 3rd Set 3+ 90%. If you do 5/3/1 on your own, fill […]

14/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. 3 Sets of:A1. Frontsquat*A2. 10+ reps Stationary Dips (*with assitance)*Wendler Cycle: 1st Set 3×70%, 2nd Set 3×80%, 3rd Set 3+ 90%. If you do 5/3/1 on your own, fill in your current week. then 2 min rest 1 set Allout with a SB in Frontrack max 5 sec rest in the set B. Conditioning […]

11/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A.work on HSPU and barbell clean B. 3 x 3-minute AMRAPs (13 minutes)AMRAP in 3 minutes:15 Hang Power Cleans (60/42,5)Max Handstand Push-Ups Rest 2 minutes between AMRAPs

10/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

5 Sets of:10 Deadlifts @70%*15m Farmers Carry AHAP15m Harnessed Bear Crawl AHAP15m Reverse Sled Drag AHAPWhole group rotates through exercises. If you get bored by waiting for a sled it’s just because you didn’t go hard enough on your last exercise.*If you’re doing 5/3/1, no matter if you already did your deadlifts this week or […]

09/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. Warm-Up/AMRAP 7:15 SB/D-Ball Push Presses @ 0.25/0.20 BW15m SB/D-Ball Front Rack Lunges15m SB/D-Ball Carry B. 3 Sets of:B1. Strict Press*B2. 10/10 Bent-over DB Rows*Wendler Cycle: 1st Set 5×65%, 2nd Set 5×75%, 3rd Set 5+ 85%. If you do 5/3/1 on your own, fill in your current week. If you’ve done Presses already, go for […]

08/11/2022 Gymnastics

warm up 10’pec activation 20”/20”20 pull aparts15” deadhang6 hollow rock6 superman extensions strength and skill 20’ 3 rounds ofaccumulation of 30” false grip on rings or bar1’ plankaccumulation of 30” hanging lsit-hold1’ plankaccumulation of 30” chin over bar hold1’ plank workout3×7’ amrap 1’ rest btw amraps1.) 4 squat jumps/ 4 push ups add (2 reps […]

08/11/2022 Endurance

warm up 8’1 rd run10 medball thrusters10m walking lunges with medball 45’partner wod4x 9’ amrap 1’rest btw stationsYOU GO – I GOstation (1)walking lunges (1/2 bw sandbag) m countstation (2)row cals countstation (3)wall balls (9/6) reps countstation (4)laufen kleine rundensm rds count

08/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. 3 Sets of:B1. Backsquat*B2. 10 reps Chinup (*with assitance)*Wendler Cycle: 1st Set 5×65%, 2nd Set 5×75%, 3rd Set 5+ 85%. If you do 5/3/1 on your own, fill in your current week. If you’ve done Presses already, go for Bench Press instead. B. Conditioningteams of 2 I GO YUGOAMRAP rest of time until 00:582 […]

07/11/2022 Strength & Conditioning

A. 5 sets of: (20 min)Barbell Hip Thrusts x 6-8 reps @ explosive push, 1 sec hold on top(go heavy on these – a good starting weight might be around 75% of your 1-RM Deadlift) inbetween setsStationary Dips x 10+ Reps @ slow decent(please use some accommodation if needed to perform at least 5 reps)Rest […]

06/11/2022 FUNDAY

warm up 10’50 DU/SU5 squat jumps5 scap pull ups5 scap push ups10 forward backward lunges wod 40’teams of 2 (A/B switch as needed)5×6’ amrap 2’ rest btw stations max pull ups max push ups max devil press max box jumps max wbs max cal row max vups max jumping lunges max push press max double […]

05/11/2022 Intermediate Strength & Conditioning

warm up 8’10 pass through10 pull aparts10 squat jumps1rd run strength 20’5 sets of10m sled push10m sled pull wod 3×8’ amrap with 1’ rest btw sets15 medball thruster5 burpee box jump overs1 rd

05/11/2022 90min Strength & Conditioning

warm up 12’1 rd run2 wall climbs10 squat jumps20 pull aparts10 pass through strength 40’1.) 3 sets of OHP x 6-8 @ 75%           inbetween sets10m small sled pull (50/30) 2.) 3 sets oflandmine press x 6-8            inbetween sets2 legless rope climbs (6 towel pull ups) workout3×12’ amrap with 90’ rest betw sets20 medball thruster10 burpee box jump […]

04/11/2022 Bodyweight Beginner

Weight Plate Squat Warm-UpHeels-elevated T-Spine Rotations x 3 per sideHeels-elevated Flex and Extend x 6 repsFront Foot Elevated Split Split Squats x 6 per sidePlate Elevated Cossack Squats x 6 per sideTempo Plate Squats x 3 reps @ 32X1 A. 3 sets of:Tempo Front Squat or Front-Racked KB Squat x 5 reps @ 6211Rest 2-3 minutes […]