Kategorie: Bodyweight

06/12/2022 Gymnastics

warm up 12’1’ wrist circles10m forward crab10m backward crab10 m bear crawl10m inch worm skill 20’3-4 roundsaccumulate 1’ of the following false grip holdlsit holdactive hang wod for time TC: 20’ 50 jumping jacks3 wall climbs60 jumping jacks4 wall climbs70 jumping jacks5 wall climbs80 jumping6 wall climbs90 jumping jacks7 wall climbs100 jumping jacks8 wall climbs

29/11/2022 Gymnastics

warm up 15’2x stairs20 pass through10 OHS10m OH walking lunges20 pull aparts skill and strength 20’e5mom10 ring rows3 wall climb8 australian pull ups2 wall climbsmax pull ups(assisted)/c2b1 wall climb Conditioning 15’180 (weighted) jumping squat lungesfor timerest of the time amrap wall sit variations

29/11/2022 Endurance

warm up 7’death by line sprints and tuck jumpsstart @ 1 sprint (20m) and 10 tuck jumps—> add 20m/2 reps each round 3×12 ’ Amrap 3’ rest btw stations1 15cal ski/30wbs/200m run2 15cal row/2 legths burpee broad jumps/200m run3 3rds run/1 rd farmers carry

22/11/2022 Endurance

warm up6’ or 3 rounds5 cals row/ski20m walking lunges10 medball thrusters 2x 20’ amrap 3’ rest 1.)40 burpees50 sb lunges60 cals row 2.)40 wall balls50 hr push ups60 cal ski erg

15/11/2022 Endurance

50’ amrap 3small rds run40m sled push3small rds run40m sled pull3small rds run40 wbs3small rds run400m row3small rds run400m ski3small rds run40m farmers carry3small rds run40m walking lunges3small rds run40hr push ups

08/11/2022 Gymnastics

warm up 10’pec activation 20”/20”20 pull aparts15” deadhang6 hollow rock6 superman extensions strength and skill 20’ 3 rounds ofaccumulation of 30” false grip on rings or bar1’ plankaccumulation of 30” hanging lsit-hold1’ plankaccumulation of 30” chin over bar hold1’ plank workout3×7’ amrap 1’ rest btw amraps1.) 4 squat jumps/ 4 push ups add (2 reps […]

08/11/2022 Endurance

warm up 8’1 rd run10 medball thrusters10m walking lunges with medball 45’partner wod4x 9’ amrap 1’rest btw stationsYOU GO – I GOstation (1)walking lunges (1/2 bw sandbag) m countstation (2)row cals countstation (3)wall balls (9/6) reps countstation (4)laufen kleine rundensm rds count

28/10/2022 Bodyweight / Beginner

1 sets of:Run x 200mScapular Pull-up x 10 repsLunge Crosspullaparts x 10 repsto BearCrawl w/a Db Scapular Pull-up x 10 repsBodyweight Walking Lunge x 20 steps Followed by… 2 sets of:Squeeze Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift x 6 repsSingle-Arm Dumbbell Hang Power Clean x 6 reps per sidePause Push-Press x 6 reps per side Then… A. Every […]

25/10/2022 Endurance

warm up 10’2 rds run10m soldier lunges10 medball thrusters10m spiderman crawl workout TC: 45’first“COMBS” extended80 squats200m run60 squats400m run40 squats800m run20 squats1600m runthen amrap wallballs in the remaining time

25/10/2022 Gymnastics

warm up 10’3 inch worm10m reverse bear crawl10m spiderman walk10m frog jumps strength and skill 15’3-4rounds of30-45s hs hold30-45s hanging l-sit hold30-45s wall sit30s side plank l/r conditioning 30’ EmomChelseaRX5 pull ups10 push ups15 air squats Scaled2 pull ups6 push ups10 air squats

18/10/2022 BODYWEIGHT

warm up 8’ amrap1x stairs3 burpees5 ring rows10 air squats WOD TC: 45’60-40-20hr burpeest2b/ leg raisesc2b pull ups/ australian pull ups accum. seconds single leg wall sitafter 60 of each – run the stairs 6xafter 40 of each – run the stairs 4xafter 20 of each – run the stairs 2x then: AMRAP Double Unders […]

18/10/2022 ENDURANCE

warm up amrap 8’6 cal row2 burpees6 wbs2 greatest stretches 4×8’ emom in teams of two (swap) 1’ rest btw stations 1: row/ wbs2: burpees/ farmers carry3: weighted sit ups/ walking lunges4: sled push/ sled pull

BODYWEIGHT 04/10/2022

A. Skill On a 25-minute clock, with no rest between: 15 minutes of handstand practice10 minutes of L-sit practice5 minutes of double-unders B0. Prep for WOD10 min work on Muscle Up B. ConditioningAMRAP 12 min 5 strict MU (ring transitions) 21 cal echobike

04/10/2022 ENDURANCE

a. condi40min emom50“ on / 10“ off1: erg2: box step ups3: single arm devil press4: ab-mat sit up b. test2k row time @stroke rate 25 /nosebreathing only

27/09/2022 BODYWEIGHT

warm up 10‘2 greatest stretch2 inch worm20 pull aparts e2mom x56-10 (australian) pull ups3-6 (diamond) push upsrest 1‘ e2mom x56/6 (box) pistols20“ false grip practise (hold/pull)rest 1‘ e2mom x51’ deadhangrest 1‘ e2mom x530“ L-sit hold10 deadbugs

27/09/2022 ENDURANCE

Teams of 2Buy in: 800 m run togetherthen split as you wish: 100 Weighted Lunges 30 rounds of 3 Pull Ups, 3T2B3 Burpee broad jumps 100 Weighted Lunges Buy out: 800 m run together

23/09/2022 BODYWEIGHT

0.Warmup High KneesOver-the-fence, forwardsOver-the-fence, backwardsBunny HopsSuicides, remain forward facing throughout Followed by… 2 sets of:Weight Plate Overhead Reverse Lunge x 10 reps, alternatingBroad Jump x 3 reps A. For time:800 Meter Run40 Alternating Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatches40 Jumping Lunges800 Meter Run40 Alternating Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatches40 Jumping Lunges800 Meter Run

20/09/2022 GYMNASTICS

gymnasticswarm up 12’10m high knee walk10m toy soldier10m crab walk10m walking lunges with rotation strength 25’amrap for quality4-6 pistol squats/box pistols4-6 box hspu3-5 seated box jumps2’ DU practice wod 15’for time21-15-9cals rowburpee box jump overs

20/09/2022 ENDURANCE

warm up 8’1x stairs1/1 greatest stretch6 medball thrusteres then 20’ e5mom30/24 cals row/ski/bike30 wall ball shots (9/6) then 20’ amrap20m sled push20 burpees

13/09/2022 BODYWEIGHT

warm up 10‘10m walking lunges10m bear crawl10 scap pull ups10 cals ergo skill20’ amrap for quality2 wall climbs + 15-30s hold10 perfect form hollow to superman5 false grip pull ups or 15“ false grip hold1‘ wall sit wod for time TC 20‘50/40/30burpeesair squatssit ups