Monat: Mai 2022

Beginner Modul 1 31/05/2022

Session 1(Woche 1/Dienstag/Stephi): SquatA. Warm-Up:15m Waking Lunges15m Bear Crawl15m 1 Lunge L + 1 Lunge R + 1 Air Squat(repeat pattern for 15m distance) B. Learning Movement:B1. 3 Sets of:Weighted Walking LungesNote for coach: Any external weight/position(DB/KB Farmers/Front Rack Hold – recommended is a Front Rack Hold with DB/KB/MedBall in Goblet Position) B2. BB Front Squats:10-10-10Note […]

03/06/2022 CROSSFIT

Murph Day For Time 1,6 k Run100 Pull-Ups200 Push-Ups300 Air Squats1,6 k Run *with a Weight Vest (10/6kg)

02/06/2022 CROSSFIT

A. 3 Sets of:Max SB Bench Press(12+) into HOH Rope Pull B. 3 Sets of:Max SB Front Squats(12+) into Reverse Sled Drag C. For time:75 HR(Hand-Release) Burpee Pull-Ups

01/06/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Warm-Up/AMRAP 10:2 Wall Walks15m Bear Crawl15m Walking Lunges2 Wall Walks15m Reverse Bear Crawl15m Reverse Walking Lunges B. „CrossFit Total“ 1RM Backsquat1RM Press1RM Deadlift Score is total # of weight of all 3 lifts combined.

31/05/2022 ENDURANCE

in teams of 2:40 min AMRAP 100 cal ergother person performs handstand hold on wall 100 db snatchother person performs hollow hold 100 weighted box step overother person performs wall sit person a is only working if person b is in position

31/05/2022 CROSSFIT

0.warmup ringwork ringpulls movementsringholdsringpress movments A. Strength4sets ×6 *weighted* strict pull up @3020mix grip every round B. Condi8min AMRAP 10 heavy alt. db snatch (heavy weight)10 weighted single db walking lunges10 cal erg 2min rest 8min AMRAP 20 easy alt. DB Snatch (light weight)20 bodyweight walking lunges10 cal erg

30/05/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Weightliftingbuild up to a perfect form complex6 sets every 90sec1 Highhang Power Snatch1 Hang Power Snatch1 3cm above Ground Snatch1 Oh-squat B. Conditioning 14 min AMRAP 7 double kb deadlift (32/16kg) 7 strict handstand push ups7 box jumps

Beginner Hinge Modul 2

1. Warm-Up 2. Learning Movement: Deadift 3. Workout Movement:KBS(Russian)21-15-9 Reps for Time Kettlebell Swings Burpees

27/05/2022 CROSSFIT

A. clean complex (10min)build to heavy complex power clean + hang squat clean squat clean ladder (10min)for time 10 x @ 50% 8 x @ 60% 6 x @ 70% 4 x @ 80% 2 x @ 90% B. conditioning (12min)3 power cleans 50/35 3 chest to bar pull ups 3 box jumps 6 power […]

26/05/2022 CROSSFIT

A. 3 Sets of: A1. 15 Chinese Rows A2. 15 SB Floor Presses B. 3 Sets of: Chainsaw Rope Pulls C. 3 Sets of: Prowler Push

25/05/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Warm-Up: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Burpees Between rounds run 200m. B. For time: 800m Farmers Carry 2×24/16kg 50 Strict Rope Pull-Ups/Rope Rows 50 Strict T2B 1000m Row

24/05/2022 ENDURANCE

A. Warmup for quality 10/8 cal row (easy) 10 hanwalk + scorpion 10/8 cal row (medium) 10 alt samson + instep rotation 10/8 cal row (hard) B. Condievery 3min x 10 sets 5 strict pull ups 10 hand release push ups 15 alternating box step ups 60/50 max cal row C) Core for quality 50 […]

24/05/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Press Build up to a 3 RM OA DB Press / side (6min) then 7 sets: (10min)Power Jerk x 1 rep Start at approximately 60% of your 1-RM and build to today’s heavy Power Jerk. B. Condi (18min) 2 sets for max reps of:3 Minutes of Erg for Calories2 Minutes of Strict Handstand Push-Ups […]

23/05/2022 CROSSFIT

A. Back Squats 15min1. build to a heavy double2. 1 x max reps @ 83% of that double B. Condi (17min)amrap 3min20 burpees over the barmax front squats 70/50 (heavy) rest 90sec amrap 3min20 burpees over the barmax front squats 60/40 (moderate / heavy) rest 90sec amrap 3min20 burpees over the barmax front squats 50/35 […]

22/05/2022 FUNDAY

10 Min EMOM Min 1: 10/7 Cal Echo Bike + AMRAP Wall walksMin 2: 10/7 Cal Echo Bike + AMRAP  Legless Rope Climbs 3 Min Rest 10 Min EMOMMin 1: 10/7 Cal Ski + AMRAP Alt DB Snatches 1 x 22.5/15kgMin 2: 10/7 Cal Ski + AMRAP DB Box step-ups 24/20in 1 x 22.5/15kg 3 […]

20/05/2022 BODYWEIGHT / Beginner

A. Skill Ring work (Holds / Pulls) & Core work (Foamrollrumble) B. Conditioning EMOM 7 min 10 SB Frontrack Lunges 30 Double unders rest 3 min AMRAP 7 min 20 Assault Bike 2 Wallclimbs to Wallhold rest 3 min AMRAP 7 min 20 Wallballshots20 Cal Row

21/05/2022 90min

warm up 12‘1 rd run10 pass throughs + ohsq10m walking lunges with rotation10 banded row10 banded ohp A. Strength 40‘4-5 sets of8-12 pendlay rows6-10 seated double db oh press8-10/8-10 heavyish bulgarian split squats B.Conditioning AMRAP rest of time3 small rounds run10 oh lunges with kb (add 4 each round)1 round plate carry pinch grip (10/5)10 […]

Beginner PUSH/PULL Modul

1. Warm-UpLat Pec Activation 2. Learning Movement:Pull-UpsRing RowsBB/DB/KB OH PressPush-Ups 3. Workout Movement: 3 AMRAPs AMRAP 6min5 Pullup 10 Pushup 15 Airsquats rest 3 min AMRAP 6 min 12 DB hang squat cleans10 box dips AMRAP 4 min PartnercoreFoamrollersqueeze Deadbug

18/05/2022 S & I

Warm-Up/AMRAP 10: 15m DB OH Walking Lunges L15m DB OH Walking Lunges R Light weight, easy pace, keep moving. A. 3 Sets of: Max SB Bench Press(10+) into HOH Rope Pull B. Find Max weight for following pattern: SB Front Rack Lunge L + R + SB Front Squat for 15m distance C. Teams of […]

20/05/2022 CROSSFIT

A.Skill weightliftingclean complex 10′ emom:-1 high hang squat clean-1 hang squat clean-1 squat clean B. Conditioningin teams of 2- 8 rounds for time:person A:-8 hang power clean (42,5/30)-8 frontrack lungesperson B:-max cal row goal: row as much cals as possible